Nicole Pitsikali

Nicole Pitsikalli was born in New York in 1976. She studied Travel & Tourism in Toronto and then worked in Canada as a travel consultant until 2002 when she returned to Greece. Since 2002, she has worked in Athens in the travel industry as a manager in a travel agency for 10 years. In 2013, she became the owner of Apollonia Yacht Travel. In 2017 she decided to move to Thirasia, her place of origin. By choosing a more traditional way of life, she began to deal with the local community work and to organize group activities aiming at highlighting the tradition of Thirasia and improving the image of the traditional settlement of the island. She is courteous and communicative, animal-friendly, trusted and responsible with people, she likes to milk goats, make cheese and other traditional products, works with dedication and likes traveling, sailing, hiking.

Dimitris Kornaros

Dimitris Kornaros was born in Athens, studied mathematics and has chosen to live in Crete, the birthplace of his ancestors. For the past 25 years he has been trekking professionally the mountains of Greece as a mountain-guide for visitors, scientists, nature-lovers, students. He has worked as a trainer in seminars for mountain and alternative tourism and has provided environmental training at schools. He is a member of civil protection and rescue teams. He has a sailing diploma and has participated in many extensive activist actions in the southeast Mediterranean. The rest of his time he passes on cultivating his olive trees, collecting foods, amateur architecture and making useless inventions.

Ilias Koutsoumpas

Ilias Koutsoumpas was born in Crete in 1975. From a young age his love for the sea encouraged him to express himself through various relevant activities. After completing many years of studies on electrical engineering and a year-long experience in the field, in 2008 he turns to the love of his childhood years, the sea, owning since 2001 already a sailing diploma from the Heraklion Sailing Club. With over 35 000 miles in the Greek seas and the Mediterranean, Ilias graduates in 2016 from a three-year long nautical school while also attending seminars for life-saving and firefighting equipment and safety necessary for seafarers, has trained groups for acquiring a sailing diploma and has taken part in many volunteer actions. In 2016, following a successful initiative for the organisation of a rescue mission of refugees in the eastern Aegean waters, his interest was drawn even more towards acquiring knowledge and experience on first aid and rescue at sea. He is a member of the Greek Rescue Team. Another field where Ilias is active, following a two-year long course, concerns the human body and its treatment through chiropractic techniques and relevant methods. At the same time he has also spent time learning traditional martial arts and Argentinean tango, he likes long sea travels and is interested in ecology and the relationship of man with nature.

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    In case of a specific medical issue, such as asthma, diabetes etc, you need to be supplied in advance with your treatment products.
    In any other case, certified first aid responce is available, from all our crew members.

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