What is S.A.L.T.

S.A.L.T. (Sailing Adventure Life Team) was born by a group of nature lovers with deep knowledge and broad experience in sailing and trekking activities. The idea is to offer travelers an alternative, real-life and adventurous experience of Greece's natural beauty, reflected in the traditional and cultural framework of the Greek land and sea. In addition, the whole project aims to promote to travelers, the notion of joy that arises from collaboration and team work between people who meet for the first time. Our endeavour targets real wanderers and travelers of the world who seek to combine the love for nature with the adventurous spirit and who have an honest interest in exploring the places they visit as well as the people and traditions that make each location unique.

Sailing and Trekking in Greece

Greece is the ideal destination for every adventure seeker. The Greek landscape offers a unique canvas of thousands of beautiful islands as well as numerous imposing mountains, all in a short distance. Sailing and trekking on the islands of the Greek archipelago combine the thrills of mountain crossing with the excitement and freedom of nautical adventures. In addition, part of the experience is also the acquaintance with important archaeological and religious sites, joyful cultural events and tasty gastronomical destinations. All the above are offered by the members of S.A.L.T. through some attractive and perfectly organised travel packages which always allow for some space for the unexpected.

Planning our Trip

Starting point for our trips is Thirasia, a small island in Santorini's caldera, which was separated from the main island due to a volcanic eruption in ancient times. From there our travelers have the chance to visit some unique and exceptional places in the Aegean sea in order to discover their hidden treasures and experience their distinctive character, far away from the greedy eye and the trend of alienation promoted by mass tourism. Our philosophy is that our guests should work as a team and it's up to them to decide and plan the route to the next destination, always taking into account what the weather has in store for us. So, with respect to nature, they become a part of it and cherish its gifts. Everyday routine and city busy rhythms are left behind and together we sail to explore every island both on land and coast. Enchanting beaches, crystal clear waters, mystical mountains and breathtaking landscapes are waiting to embrace us. We visit important archeological and religious sites, we dance at local fiestas and sing to the rhythm of traditional music, we taste local products and flavours and we stroll around the narrow alleys of picturesque villages where time seems to have stopped and warm hearted locals welcome us as family. The end of the day finds us enjoying a magnificent sunset together with a glass of 'ouzo' and traditional recipes. A real life experience full of Greece. A list of possible destinations includes the following islands: Santorini, Milos, Naxos, Paros, Antiparos, Amorgos, Folegandros, Iraklia, Shinousa, Sifnos, Ios, Anafi and Koufonisia.

Available Dates

About S.A.L.T.

Our Base

Thirasia is a small island of the Aegean Sea and belongs to the Cyclades islands. Up to 1600B.C. it was one island with Santorini when it was separated following the catastrophic explosion of the volcano. Today it forms with Santorini and Aspronisi the conceivable ancient round shape of Strogili. According to mythology, the island took its name from the youngest daughter of King Thiras, Thirasia, to whom the island was given in order to build a majestic palace. It bears many similarities with Santorini, but has managed to retain its picturesque scenery. The architecture of the houses and churches, asbestos houses, shrubs and its blue green waters are only some characteristics of the island. Thirasia is an ideal destination for visitors who want to enjoy serene holidays away from large crowds and fast life pace.

Life on Board

When you choose to take part in one of our trips you agree to embark on a different lifestyle away from everyday city stress but also to accept both the thrills and limitations of life on a sailboat. A voyage in nature is full of versatile experiences, unexpected changes, adventures but also precious times of pure relaxation and joy.

Your co-travelers are not necessarily people that you already know. You have a chance to meet with different people from all around the world, with their own beliefs, habits, ethics, lifestyle and age. You have to cooperate and form a team with them. A team strong enough to make any big or minor decision concerning details of the trip routes as well as any aspect of life on board. You should consider yourself as part of the crew.

Your assistance and close collaboration with the captain are mandatory. The experience of living on a boat is quite different from that of a hotel room so you have to adapt to its rules. The cabins, the bath, the kitchen and the living room of our boat are comfortable and functional but there is not enough space for excess luggage. The shortage of water supply is another thing to keep in mind. Despite the limitation though the whole experience is rewarding and sometimes life-changing.

On-board Services

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  • Medical

    In case of a specific medical issue, such as asthma, diabetes etc, you need to be supplied in advance with your treatment products.
    In any other case, certified first aid responce is available, from all our crew members.

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